The GROWUS brand design, developed with the motif of an actual prescription, displays all the key information of the product on the surface to enable customers to choose a product that suits their current scalp concerns through a clear prescription.


Trust as a professional home spa brand

Various factors cause hair loss, such as stress, lifestyle, aging, and genetic factors. We provide accurate solutions for each scalp type to provide nutrients to hair damaged by the external environment and to give a glow by moisturizing damaged and dry hair.



Results that make you want to keep using our products

We promise effective home care products designed for various scalp and hair concerns as well as a pleasant feeling by including only essential ingredients, therefore, excluding harmful ingredients that can cause skin irritation as much as possible.


Customer-centered communication

Focusing on the voice of our customers, we constantly communicate to solve scalp and hair problems even if they are faced by a small number of customers. Our products humbly reflect customer criticism and praise.



Ongoing research

We persistently try to find good raw materials and develop new techniques to suit various scalp and hair types. In addition, we are constantly researching effective ways to enable the absorption of the active ingredients.